Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well, What Now?

I have to admit that Tempe Diablo Stadium is a real nice Spring Training location, but the scoreboard looks like it's going to fall over. As I've mentioned I will be included Spring Training pictures in my posts for the next little while.

As for the lack of posting. No excuses. I have been busy with other things, but I've started about five posts in the last week that never got finished, so there you have it.

You Know Your Not Doing Well When...
Kind of an old saying, but when your team is looking to start it's own club, and not a good one, you are not doing well ---holy crap. 5-3 the M's are coming back. Some clutch hitting and luck pulling through---. I hadn't heard of the 100/100 club before, and I wasn't sure of what it would be. Now that I know---5-4, another botched play---I don't really want to keep going. Yes, $100M should buy you more than 60 wins a season. In that respect, $200M should buy you something close to a World Series, and $22M should buy you a top five pick in the June draft. It's starting to look like a backwards year. The Mariners set to compete for the AL West, the Tigers ready to dominate, the Yankees spending a lot of money and still never winning more than the first round of the playoffs, and the Marlins only a couple games out of first place.

Yes, these times aren't very good. I guess we can find a brightspot in, uhhhh, the light above my head. Yeah, that looks pretty bright right now. Not too harp on the Mariners, but when the 2008 Mariners are doing as well as they are, heck, why not trade for Babe Ruth?

Lowe of the Derek Variety
Derek Lowe getting interest from the Mariners? Yes, the link says that scouts watched him, but why would you scout someone if you weren't interested in that player? Maybe he could help the M's out a bit.

There is Always Someone Worse Off
Big Papi won't be so big for the next little while. He'll be out anywhere from three weeks to the end of the season after having surgery on his wrist, more specifically a tendon. Not a pretty thing. Although you can argue that the Red Sox are still in a better position than the M's are, imagine the M's without Ichiro.

Big Unit Passes Big Mouth
Randy Johnson has moved past Roger Clemens for second on the all time strikeout list after whiffing his 4,673rd batter tonight. The future Hall of Famer and former Mariner, still has Nolan Ryan above him, but the Rangers' something-or-other looks a bit out of reach.

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