Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Assesing the Bedard Trade; Part V

It's time for the almost final assesment of the Erik Bedard trade (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part VI). I will in all likelihood be finished with this before Spring Training begins, so we can focus on thos down in Peoria. Just as a sidenote; for a week in March, I will be away from this blog as I am going down to Arizona for Spring Training. Just to make you all jealous. Now for Kam Mickolio.

Mickolio looks to be the Orioles' most ready pitching prospect acquired in the Erik Bedard trade. The 6'9" righty tore up AA in 2007, with an ERA of 1.82 in 29.2 IP, while averaging almost a strikeout an inning, and gave up no HR's. His record was 3-1. He jumped up to AAA and went 3-3 with a 3.75 ERA in 24 IP. He gave up 3 HR, and averaged more than a K/IP. He looks to be at AAA to start the 2008 season. The Orioles may try at AA for a few minuted before getting him up to AAA. He could see some MLB action in 2008, and will get a serious look come September. He could be an MLB regular in 2009. I'm sorry, but I don't have a review of Mickolio's pitches for you. I will keep digging though. Now for my thoughts;

Mickolio represents a very good talent. He will likely be a career reliever, but may get to close. He can strike out almost anyone, and as the speed on his fastball improves, he will begin to be more of a strikeout pitcher. I see Mickolio as a part of the Orioles bullpen in 2009. Unless he has a crazy spring, expect to see him in The Show come September. He could be a dominent pitcher in a couple years.


sexsonsucks said...

micki looks closer to the bigs than anyone thought. too bad for the mariners losing him. he could be a help, but the m's have a frik load of those prospecty guys who can pitch an inning once a week

Tyler C said...

Definitely. It seems every organization has that problem.

monkeyman34 said...

whats wrong with that problem?