Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5/7 Game Thread

Time for a little play by play from me.

8:41 - Mariners down 2-0 going in to the top of the seventh inning.

8:45 - Bedard getting up over the 100 pitch mark. One on, one out.

8:53 - Bedard strikes out two to end the inning. His night in probably over with 109 pitches thrown. Mariners turn to try and get some offence going.

8:57 - Ibanez battles through six pitches for a walk

9:00 - Beltre battles through six pitches for a walk. (not a typo)

9:03 - Jeff Clement strikes out looking

9:10 - Wlad strikes out swinging to end the minimal Mariner threat

9:21 - Back from a break, Author Rhodes takes over for Bedard, gets two outs but know has walked the bases loaded.

9:27 - Sean Green replaces Aurthor Rhodes

9:32 - Green gets a flyout to right, ends the threat

9:36 - Padilla replaced by Benoit; Burke walks but Cairo (why is he still here) flies out

9:43 - Ichiro flies after a ten pitch AB. Nice work

9:46 - Jose Lopez flies out to end inning. Morrow coming in

9:57 - Catalanotto on second, two down

10:03 - Top of the ninth over, so am I. Hopefully the Mariners can pull out some runs...

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