Friday, May 9, 2008

Felix Fined Too

I just finished on Richie Sexson's suspension, and when I went over to the Seattle PI's website, I noticed that King Felix was also hit with a fine.

Back to the Caffeinated Confines post:

1. If you’re a key pitcher, especially the staff ace, and you are not the one actually throwing the pitch, do not get involved in the fight. Felix Hernandez–stay in the dugout.

No info on the fines for you as of yet, and those amounts may never be known. What exactly was Felix thinking out there? He's been having a great year, why do something stupid like that?


Matt Day said...

This is a tough one. You're right in that Felix shouldn't be out there putting himself into a situation where he could get hurt, but I feel like this kind of thing comes with the Felix package. This staff needs somebody who will show a bit of emotion on the mound now and then to get guys fired up. Granted, that emotion gets him into trouble when he gets too down on himself, but I think overall the passion he plays with has a positive impact on the team (ask anybody who has ever been on the court with Kevin Garnett what his enthusiasm did for their intensity).

Tyler C said...

I agree. Felix does show a lot of emotion which is usually a good thing. It is too bad that that emotion keeps getting him in to trouble. Definitly agree with how his passion positively effects the team.