Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Nasty Attendences of Late

Barely getting over the 15,000 mark, which is great for a hockey game, or for the Florida Marlins, but for a Mariners team that was suppossed to be raking in the wins and putting bums in the seats are doing much of either. A little bit from the PI:

''You expect some ebb and flow,'' Armstrong said. ''The weather hasn't been good. We haven't played as well as we wanted. And this is the worst schedule ever.

How much effect will the whether have when you play in a stadium with a retractable roof? I guess the whether would have an effect on those travelling to the game, but it shouldn't be that significant.

''I'm optimistic, but when you see 15,000 against a division rival, yes, you are disappointed.''

Of course you should be dissapointed. If those are the lame crowds you'll pull in come September when the Angels come to town? I hope not. I see these points as an arguement for the fans who don't show up:
  • When your team isn't doing very well, you probably don't want to go and watch that team. I understand that, but when everybpdy else thinks that you might want to pull out that fifty and go support your team.
  • It is May and some people have jobs to do that might not allow them the oppurtunities to go to the games that they might have during the summer months.
  • School. My excuse. It's still Spring and people still have to go to school. Homework and that garbage takes up more time than it should. Also those with kids in school will likely find it just as hard to get to the game as those in school for six hours a day learning stuff that they will probably never use.

Now that my points are out there, it's time for my points that the fans who show up will say.

  • Support your team. Thirty bucks for a decent seat isn't bad. Four bucks for a Coke is.
  • Get away for a few hours and hang with your buds at the ballpark.
  • It's usually fun, and when there's nobody there you can sneak down to better seats!!

Atleast there will likely be more than 15,000 next Friday night seeing as it's JJ Putz Bobblehead night.

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