Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5/7 Ranier Watch

Time to look at a couple players making some noise in Tacoma.

Jeremy Reed-OF
AVG: .362 H: 42 2B: 8 3B: 1 HR: 5 RBI: 19 BB: 13 K: 11 SB: 6 OBP: 423 SLG: .578

Reed has played well so far this year, and probably will get a call-up some time or later. He is out of option.

Oswaldo Navarro-SS
AVG: .307 H: 24 R: 15 2B: 5 3B: 0 HR: 0 RBI: 9 BB: 12 K: 13 SB: 0 OBP: 411 SLG: .373

One of the Mariners underrated prospects, if he still is. Looks like a mostly career backup, but could get a chance sooner or later. If Yuni and Cairo fall, so if Yuni falls, he could be on his way up.

Ryan Feierabend-P
W-L: 3-1 ERA: 1.70 IP: 37 HR: 2 K: 27 BB: 10 AVG: .227

Feierabend is a guy that I've always liked, but never hasn't seemed to have gotten a chance. He's been dominating AAA for the last year plus now, and deserves a call-up.

RA Dickey-P
W-L: 1-4 ERA: 3.25 IP: 36 HR: 1 K: 21 BB: 5 AVG: .294

Dickey has gotten a couple shots, but the M's keep sending him down. I like him more than Baek, but maybe once he evens out the record and gets the AVG down he'll be back up here.

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