Sunday, May 4, 2008

Swept out of the Bronx

Even without this moron the Mariners still managed to get swept by the Yankees (sidenote: I said that A-Rod wasn't a bum mainly because I want him to break Barroids HR record, he sort of sucks as a person).

After another terrifac pitching performance from one of the 'aces' of the staff, the M's still managed to lose 6-2. Alright, enough bashing for this paragraph.

Carlos Silva looked alright, other than the forgetable third inning. Six runs isn't very Silva-like. As I've mentioned soooo many times, I'm a fan of the off day, but why do three starters decide to take theirs all on the same weekend? I'm going to have to get back to you on that one. Adrian Beltre hit a nice two run shot for the Mariners only runs. They got as many runs today as they did in the first two games. That's terrible. Ibanez woke up and got a couple hits. Ichiro stole number 12 on his single.

On a good note, the bullpen was very good. Even Mr. RRS pitched two scoreless innings walking and striking out one while giving up only one hit. Mark Lowe, Brandon Morrow, and Aurthor Rhodes each pitched a scoreless inng. That's about the only bright spot from today's game. Other than that it was terrible. Except for Ichiro's stolen base of course.

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