Saturday, May 3, 2008

Maybe a Roster Shakeup?

Maybe it's time to shake up the lineup a bit. Maybe not in terms of players, but where those players are playing. In wake of Raul Ibanez' heroics in the outfield today, I realized that Ibanez isn't much of an outfielder anymore, and that Lookout Landing has been right when they put LF next to Raul's name in the lineup like this "LF".

WARNING: What I'm about to tell you completely makes sense in my mind, and probably my mind only. What I say may not be possible, but when your losing like this, you'll probably try anything.

Scenario 1
First thing to do is to get Ibanez out of the outfield to either first base, or DH. For this scenario, we'll have him at first. Call up Jeremy Reed and have him and Richie Sexson platoon in left field untill Sexson figures out what is going on and can play full time in the outfield. I thought that I'd heard Mac say something about Sexson playing in the outfield a little while ago.

Scenario 2
Ibanez is at DH, and Sexson is in the outfield doing the same thing mentioned in Scenario 1. Have Kenji Johjima play first a little bit, or Jeff Clement and try to turn one of them in to a Victor Martinez.

Scenario 3
Trade a package of mid-level prospects, not that we have any left, or somebody useful, maybe Baek and Reed to the Reds for Ken Griffey Jr., and have him play in left or right, depending on what you do with Wlad.

What do you think would be most likely to happen? Personally, I see the acquisition of Griffey being the most likely, but would the Mariners have the pieces? I mentioned Reed and Baek being spare parts, but it would likely take a little bit more than that to get Jr. back here. I'd like to see him retire as a Mariners and don an M's cap in to Cooperstown. I probably will look in to the possibility of Jr. coming back in the next couple months.

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