Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Money Not an Issue

It looks like Ken Griffey Jr.'s contract won't be an issue for the Mariners.

That should come with some relief. Maybe it won't take as many prospects to get Jr., because the M's probably won't ask for money in a potential deal. ProspectInsider looks at Adam Moore in this week's Farm Report (in the PI), and how he could become a better player than Jeff Clement.
Back to the Griffey stuff now. He has about $8M left for this season and a $16M option with a $4M buyout. This season's money probably won't matter that much, but it was thought that the option would become an issue. Ken Rosenthal dissmissed that. As of know, we can pretty much only do some educated speculating. Something that I was doing, but without the educated part.

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