Monday, May 5, 2008

Maybe I Should be Negative More Often

A lovely picture of Ichiro from Spring Training (taken by me) to get me in a happy mood.

It looks like the negativity from one of my latest posts has paid off. Not only did I get a mention in AngryBeltre (a solid M's blog btw), but the M's scored two runs in the first inning tonight! Maybe I should be negative more often.

I'm not a negative person, but when you have your aces on the mound and they only get one run of support each...wouldn't you be a little ticked off too? Hopefully Texas will give us a boost back up to the .500 mark.


Matt Day said...

Well said. It can really be a challenge to find positive points from what this team has done the last couple. Hopefully Batista's performance (and the lack of hitting behind him) tonight was a fluke. Winning 3 of 4 against the Rangers is a good start to get back to winning ways.

Tyler C said...

Thank you.

After last night's loss winning the next three might just be enough to make me a fairly happy Mariners fan once again.