Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reed Wants to Stay With Big Club

Jeremy Reed has been the guy that has had everything, but hasn't been able to break through the Mariners' barrier of Ichiro, Ibanez, and whoever has been playing RF. Come to think of it, Reed would be a perfect candidate for MLBTradeRumors new series, Blocked Prospects. It may be another season wasting some of his ability at AAA again in 2008. I told you to watch out for him this Spring, or now, I guess.

John Hickey of the Seattle PI talks about how Reed wants to be with Seattle in 2008. At one point after he was acquired as the Adam Jones of the Freddy Garcia trade, he was getting some fairly regualar playing time, untill he broke his thumb diving for a ball in July of 2oo6. He has only had 17 big league AB's since.
Right now, the Mariners' four projected starting outfielders are all lefties, but so is Reed, so that isn't an advantage to get him with the team. He has two options left, so he can be called up to the Mariners from the Rainers without any problems. Mike Morse on the other hand, is out of options. Morse is also a top candidate for the fourth outfielder job. Unfortuneatly, I didn't include Reed in my right field battle, but he is definitly a candidate heading into the next week.

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