Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Still Waiting

The Erik Bedard saga seems to have no end. According to John Hickey of the Seattle PI, this trade most likely won't be finalized untill Friday at the earliest. Bedard is still believed to be at his home in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and won't travel to Seattle for his physical untill Thursday. With his physical potentially on Thursday, an announcement won't come untill Thursday evening or Friday. No word or words yet on how Adam Jones and George Sherrill's physicals went. Has a trade taken this long in any sport?

According to the Baltimore Examiner, today was the target day for the Orioles to try and get this trade finished. This is a very slow process.


mariners4october said...

Isn't this thing almost over? I thought that I read something about Bedard was going to Seattle today or something over at Seattle PI.

Tyler C said...


I saw the post about Bedard coming to Seattle over on the Seattle PI. Thanks for the help! Keep on reading.