Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mariners Add More, Well...Depth

The Mariners added some more depth, by signing infielder Bubba Crosby to a minor league contract, with no Spring Training invite.

Crosby has been around over his career. He has belonged to the Dodgers' organization for the first six seasons of his career, and then the Yankees' organization for the next four. He spent 2007 with the Reds, but played at AAA. Not sure why he only had 39 AB's though. In his major league career he has a .216 BA in 250 AB's, and a career minor league average of .277 in 2458 AB. He will likely be at AAA, but word on the street is that Jose Lopez hasn't gotten his visa yet, and hasn't left for Peoria(hat tip to BleadingBlueandTeal), so is there a connection there? Probably. The Mariners' front office isn't unintelligent, but how creditable (not sure if that is a word) are they? The Carl Everett and Matt Lawton signings come to mind...

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