Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spring Training Watch: Brandon Morrow

Next up in our Spring Training Watch series, is Brandon Morrow.

Brandon Morrow was the Mariners' first round pick, fifth overall, in the 2006 Amateur Entry Draft. He made the team out of Spring Training, after proving that he had something to offer. He quickly became a force in the Mariners' bullpen, mainly as a set-up man to closer JJ Putz. His 4.12 ERA isn't a great number, but as a rookie pitching in 63.1 innings with no prior professional expeirence (3IP in A don't really count), that's not too bad. His other numbers are what made him one of the better relievers. Although Morrow isn't amazing at keeping runners off base, his 56 hits and 50 walks weren't too good (in 63.3IP), but he only had a 0.43 HR/9IP, and a pretty good 9.38K/9IP. His total of 66 K's was a very impressive number. His 3-4 record isn't too bad, but isn't usually the most important stat for a reliever. Now that he has got a full season on his resume, I don't think that it's too important to note his minor league stats. But by looking at his stats on the above link, thanks to The Baseball Cube, for the most part his minor PAC 10, and minor league inning or two or three, his stats have basically continued.

As I mentioned, Morrow was the Mariners' set-up man last season. This year, it was said that he might be competing for the number five job, but now that the Mariners have almost completed a trade for Erik Bedard, he will either be back as a set-up man to Putz, or be a starter with the Rainiers (AAA). I'd say that part of what will determine Morrow's fate will be what Mark Lowe does (Lowe's Spring Training Watch page can be viewed here). Morrow's rookie season shouldn't be considered a fluke, unless he actually does suck. He could be a big factor in the Mariners' bullpen this season. Keep an eye on him.


Anonymous said...

too bad the mariners got bedard. it kinda hurts morrow's progress

kk34 said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!?!?!? Erik Bedard is one of the best pitchers in the league. get your head out of your ***

Tyler C said...

whoaaaaaaa. hold on there kk34. yes, Bedard is one of the top pitchers in baseball right now, but Brandon Morrow does look like he could be a solid starter in the future. Everything that happens has a positive and negative effects. Let's try and look at the positive effects of this trade: the Mariners get an ace pitcher, and Morrow either goes back into his role as a set-up man, or a starter at AAA ready to step in for Jarrod Washburn or Miguel Batista

kk34 said...

I am looking at the positive effects of the trade. the Mariners get one of the best pitchers in the league. I just doubt that Brandon Morrow would have had a huge impact in the Mariners' rotation in 2008