Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Mariners Will Win AL West"

I heard Steve Phillips today on SportsCenter talking some baseball, and went over the best offseason acquisitions. Naturally, Johan Santana was the best acquisition in the NL, and Phillips said that Erik Bedard was the best in the AL. This may not be quite as exact as he said, but here goes:

The Mariners acquisition of Erik Bedard will put them over the hump, which will allow them to win the AL West.

Pretty strong words. He didn't even mention the Angels being of some competition. I agree on how much Bedard's coming here makes this team better, including pushing Felix Hernendez back a spot relieving him of some of the potential pressure, and not to mention Bedard's abilities on the mound. Looking forward to Opening Day. The Mariners' first Spring Training game is tomorrow!!!
PS: Sorry for not having a link for this.

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