Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stone Update

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times has a bit of an update for us. The big quote from this:

Put down your phone, Sam Presti. All current indications are that, after all the histrionics of the past week, the Mariners and Orioles will really, truly, actually, once and for all, no turning back, no mulligans, no backing out, no passing go, get this trade done. But check back tomorrow, because nothing is for certain in this messed-up deal.

Stone also points out how the Orioles have brought Bedard up for the Mariners.

The Orioles endured his serious injury stage (reconstructive elbow surgery in 2002), his rehab stage (a grand total of 20 innings pitched in 2003, all in the low minors), his learning-the-ropes stage (a 12-18 record in 50 major-league starts in 2004-05), and his blossoming stage (15 wins in 2006, a franchise-record 221 strikeouts in '07).

The Orioles are getting "a mother lode of talent in return". The believed package of Adam Jones, George Sherrill, Chris Tillman, Kam Mickolio, and Tony Butler is considered to be better than the package the Twins recieved for Johan Santana. I hope that Bavasi knows what he is doing, and gets Bedard signed long term. Bedard is only looking for about $8.5M in '08, so looking him up for five to six years and say, $10-15M a season would be a bargain. Who else is ready for this to end?

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