Friday, February 1, 2008

Jones Passed Physical?

Bleeding Blue and Teal has some infoon the Mariners front of the Bedard trade. Their source from Orioles Hangout is telling them that Adam Jones has passed his physical, and we are now waiting for a press conference announcement. On the sites message board, there is someone posting under the name Belkast, who is known as an insider for Orioles info. Belkast posted:

Jones passed his physical, and we're waiting on the exact date and time of the press conference.

This post has been approved by my source. If in fact I have posted an opinion, it is by no way the view of my source, it is only my opinion.

I would have this as a confirmed, unconformed rumor at this time. I will be looking into this.

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Anonymous said...

Can we finally finish this trade, or do we need to drag in on for another month before Spring Training begins.