Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spring Training Watch: Jeremy Reed

Next up in the Spring Training Watch series, is outfielder Jeremy Reed, as requested a while back. Before I get the ball rolling, how is this series? Do you, the reader enjoy them? Feedback is much appreciated, especially seeing as this is a younger blog. Anyways...

Reed will be 27 in June of this year, so he can't be really be considered a prospect anymore. On most MLB teams, Reed would be atleast a number four outfielder, but with Ichiro, Raul Ibanez, Jose Guillen and Adam Jones blocking the way, it would be hard for him to go too high on the depth chart. Now he has to contend with Brad Wilkerson and Wladimir Baltentien for an outfield spot. Also the fact that the Mariners may be bringing three catchers up north, it will be even harder.

Reed has been able to succeed in the minors, and has had some success in the Bigs with the Mariners. Back in 2005, he got 488 AB's and put up a line of .254/.322/.352 with 3 HR and 45 RBI. His career line (MLB, 775) of .253/.314/.366 is almost parrallel to that 2005 season. His minor league stats make you think, why he didn't get that much of a shot in 2007? His minor league totals don't lie, a career minor league line of .318/.386/.469 in 1747 career minor league AB's. In 2006, Reed played the role of the fourth outfielder with some starting time, but put up a poor line of .217/.260/.377 in 212 AB's. His stats don't lie, he is a great player at AAA, but only an okay player at the MLB level.

It's not too hard to predict where Reed will end up come April. I'd say that he would be lucky to break camp with the big team, because as I earlier mentioned, Balentien and Wilkerson seem to have the third and fourth outfielder spots taken, and the Mariners could be bringing three catchers up north, there's just no room. I would say he starts 2008 as a Rainers (AAA) starting outfielder, but will either end up with the Mariners come September, or if there is an injury.

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Thanks for doing Reed. I was the one who had previously asked. I guess I could have used a nickname but too late now...

When will we find out if Bedard passed his physical?