Saturday, February 2, 2008

PECOTA's Are Out

Over at USS Mariner, they have a few notes from the recently released PECOTA's.

Fun stuff. Random notes:* Bedard’s 2008 puts him at about +4 wins over a replacement pitcher, making him the 10th-most-valuable pitcher in baseball.* Jones’s 2008 puts him at about +2 wins over a replacement player, and his comps are not qhat I’d expected: Steve Hosey, Chet Lemon, Larry Hisle, and Jack Clark* Jones’ upside, which is a measure of his potential over the next five years, is 198. That’s the 19th-highest for hitters in all of baseball* All of baseball* It’s just behind BJ Upton and ahead of Curtis Granderson* Bedard’s is 232, the 7th-highest pitcher number, and just ahead of Felix.* Jones’ total contribution in 2008 is the highest of any Mariner hitter
Okay, I’ll stop with the Jones stuff. What else…hitters:* PECOTA still hates Ichiro. I look forward to the annual “you know, I think this year it might be right” post.* Clement comes off better than I thought he might* Sexson bounces, but not too high* Lopez’s line is ugly* Wilkerson’s at .232/.326/.420, a big step back from Guillen’s 2007* Vidro hits .282/.346/.373 which is even lower than I guessed at in the “
Projecting the 2008 Mariners” post a week ago* Balentien’s line as a major leaguer is bad* Small steps back for Beltre, Johjima, Betancourt, Ibanez* Bloomquist is mercifully left off.

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