Monday, February 25, 2008

McLaren Wants Ichiro to Run

Word out of Spring Training, is that Mariners' manager John McLaren wants his All-Star CF Ichiro (who's too cool to have a last name) to steal some more bags. His career high for steals is 51, established in his rookie season in 2001. Mac mentioned that he thinks that Ichiro could steal 80 bases this season.

"He has done everything so well in his career, winning batting battles and Gold Gloves, that the bar is set high for him," McLaren said. "He's a numbers guy, and I just like him and others to think, 'I am capable of doing this.' That [80] was a number I pulled out of a hat."

I don't think that Mac is asking Ichiro to steal that many, but I also think that he expects more than 4o-50.


Anonymous said...

good for mac. ichiro has the speed, why doesn't he use it more?

the_snake_chamer said...

why the hell isn't ichiro running more? that guy has some of the best speed ever out there.