Sunday, January 27, 2008

Erik Bedard is Coming to Town!!

Big news from Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times. The Mariners have acquired LHP Erik Bedard from the Orioles. Shannon Drayer noted that Adam Jones had once again been pulled from Winter Ball in Venezuala earlier today. Turns out the Jones was actually traded this time. No word on any other players involved yet. Jones is heading to Baltimore for a physical tomorrow. The usuall players are noted, George Sherrill, Brandon Morrow, Chris Tillman, Carlos Tuiascope, and Wladimir Balentine. I'll be sure to add the players involved as soon as I find out.


mariners4october said...

How much would a Bedard extension cost? If he isn't signed long term, the M's shouldn't be making this deal.

kk23 said...

It should take $15M per I'd say. I agree that if he isn't signed for a while then this is a crappy deal for the mariners