Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FA Starting Pitcher Options

Let's take a look at the remaining free agent starting pitchers that the Mariners may take a look at. Thanks to MLB Trade Rumors for providing the names.

  • Bartolo Colon: Bart seems to be the ultimate rebuilding project. Reports from Winter Ball have said that Colon hasn't pitched well, and has put on a lot of weight. He didn't make it to 100 innings in '07 (99.1), and hasn't since 2005. The former Cy Young winner might still have something in the tank, but wants a two year deal. He won't get it. Would he only take one year and around $3-5M with some incentives?

  • Josh Fogg: Fogg doesn't look like a great gamble, but a couple million bucks could be a worthwhile gamble. He's got a career ERA inder 5, and is a career 60-60. He is good for about 150 innings, so he could help out a bullpen that likely will get pretty tired. He does give up a lot of fly balls, so how would Safeco affect that?

  • Kyle Lohse: Lohse doesn't look to be doing too much next year. His ERA has been under 4 for the last two seasons, but a 12-17 record between those two years isn't great, but how great was Jeff Weaver's before this season? Lohse wants $7M or so a season, and a multiyear deal, so he doesn't seem like a great fit here, but he's probably one of the best out there.

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