Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mariners Add Arms

The Mariners have announced today, that they have signed Japanese pitcher Kenta Suda to a minor league contract, with a Spring Training invite. Suda is an 18 year old undrafted free agent. He pitched in the NOMO Baseball Club in Japan in 2007. He also pitched in the IBAFAAA (Under 18) Championships in Taiwan in August '07, while he was on the Japanese U18 team. Looking to dig something up on this guy, anybody know anything on him?

Also, the Mariners signed 17 year old Yao Wen Chang to a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training. Chang is from Taichung, Taiwan.


mariners4october said...

Why do the M's like the Japanese players so much? Does the Nintendo ownership have anything to do with that?

letsgomariners said...

I don't think that nintendo cares too badly about the m's minor league signings. heck, maybe they tell bavasi to sign the japanese players, who knows. i just don't think that nintendo has much to do with this. heck, i didnt even know that nintendo owned the mariners. u learn somethin new every day i guess...