Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wilkerson Close to Becoming a Mariner?

This may be a day late, but according to MLBTR, free agent OF/1B Brad Wilkerson is close to signing a one year contract with the Mariners.

Can't promise anything, but my source is saying Brad Wilkerson is likely to become a Mariner on a one-year deal. Put this in the unconfirmed category for now.

Signing Wilkerson for a year makes sense after the Mariners have traded Adam Jones to Baltimore as part of an Erik Bedard trade.

Also, MLB Rumors is reporting that Tony Clark is close to signing with the San Francisco Giants, so the Mariners may have to look for another option as Sexson's backup. Sean Casey, Ryan Klesko, Doug Mientkiewicz, and Morgan Ensburg are free agent options. The backup first baseman shouldn't be a huge problem for the Mariners right now.


mariners4october said...

who cares that badly if the m's dont get clark? no clark=more ab's for clement. can wlad play first?

Anonymous said...

if the mariners want wald to play first, he probably will