Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mariners and Orioles Talking

The Mariners are still looking for more starting pitching help, and are willing to trade top prospects. Right now, the Mariners are in trade talks with the Orioles for Erik Bedard. Bedard is coming off of a Cy Young caliber year, and's asking price is high. Right now, the Mariners have Adam Jones as the centerpiece in a potential deal. Jeff Clement and Brandon Morrow are also being discussed. I don't know if the Orioles want both, or will settle for one and another player, or two. Before, the Mariners had Morrow as an untouchable, but now the Mariners are willing to negotiate with him.

Now, an update from baseball analyst Ken Rosenthal says that the teams could be one player away. The problem is, is that that one player is believed to be 19 year old righty Chris Tillman, who the Mariners would rather keep. The third player in the deal is believed to be one of George Sherrill and Carlos Triunfel, among a few other players. If the Mariners can get Bedard without too much of the farm team being lost, than I'd have to say that it would be a double win for Bill Bavasi. It would be even better if the Mariners could get a reasonable extension for Bedard.

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