Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ian Snell on M's Radar

It's well known that the Mariners are looking for another starting pitcher. The Pirates Ian Snell has been sort of made available, in exchange for a young power bat. The Mariners are willing to offer Jeff Clement for him, but the Pirates probably will want Adam Jones. Ian Snell posted a 3.76 ERA in 208 innings back in 2007. I'm not too sure that trading Jones for Snell is the best idea for the Mariners. Snell is comparable to the Rays Matt Garza, but with an extra year of service time, so it shouldn't necessarily cost a Delmon Young prospect. I think that Jones and Young could be compared like Garza and Snell. I think that if the Bedard talks fall through, and the Mariners don't have any better options, trying to trade Jeff Clement for Snell would make sense.

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