Monday, January 21, 2008

Mariners Interested in Clark

Ken Rosenthal notes that the Mariners have some interest in free agent 1B, Tony Clark. The Mariners don't currently have anybody as a potential 1B backup, as you can see here in my infield projection. Clark stands at 6'7'' so if he was signed, the Mariners would probably have the tallest first base position ever. Clark hit .249 in 221 AB with the D'Backs last season. He also had 17 HR and 51 RBI. Clark would probably get some playing time at DH too, so Jeff Clement can have some more time in the minors if he isn't traded. haven't heard much on Bedard lately. Anyone have any new info that I haven't found out yet?


Anonymous said...

Is Clark going to be the next Ben Broussard, except taller? Whatever happened to Broussard anyways? Was he nontendered?

Tyler C said...

Benny played alright last season, he played pretty well compared to Sexson. If he can provide some offense, along with a tad of defense I'd be happy for one year and $2M or so. He'd add some nice leadership and postseason expeirence too.