Monday, January 14, 2008

More on Erik Bedard

Well, I've been away for a few days so time to get back. The Mariners are in talks with the Orioles for Erik Bedard. Today, it's believed that the Mariners have offered the Orioles Adam Jones, Jeff Clement and George Sherrill. Jason Churchill also notes that the Orioles want a pitcher in return, and may push for Brandon Morrow or Carlos Truinfel. While Morrow has proven that he can handle the Bigs, Truinfel is likely to start at AA this season. Adding Bedard to an already stable rotation would be a huge boost. But how much will this boost be subtracting from other areas? Adam Jones has the potential to become a five-tool player in the Bigs for years to come. Jeff Clement also looks like a pretty promising catcher. George Sherrill is a very good set-up man, who could get a chance to close if sent to Baltimore. I don't want to see the Mariners give up two very good prospects plus one of their better relievers over the past few seasons, to stay in second place in the AL West for two years, and then lose Bedard to free agency.

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