Thursday, April 3, 2008

03.04.08 Rangers 1 Mariners 4

The Mariners were able to pull a victory against the Rangers at Safeco last night. Miguel Batista was used in the ninth to collect the save in JJ Putz' absence. The Joses, Vidro and Lopez each hit a home run, and Carlos Silva pitched seven ininngs, while only giving up one run in his Mariners debut.


Game Notes

  • Carlos Silva picked up his first win in a Mariners uniform by pitching seven innings and only giving up one run on three walks and three hits. He struck out five.
  • Miguel Batista picked up his first save since 2005 with the Toronto Blue Jays by pitching one perfect inning. No word on id Batista could be slotted in to the closer's role.
  • Jose Vidro hit a solo home run, and went 1-3.
  • Jose Lopez hit a three run home run, and went 1-4.
  • Richie Sexson went 0-3, walked once, and didn't strike out.

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