Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Series Review: Royals @ Mariners 4/14-15/08

Time to look back and reflect on the last two day's games.

April 14
April 15

The Mariners didn't do so well against Zach Greinke. Greinke pitched a one run gem, and that pretty much summed that game up for the Mariners. Maybe a couple runs from today's game would've helped them out. They made up for their offence problems in game 2, but they only come out of it with a split.

Jose Guillen was only mediorce in his return, although he wasn't that much of a star to begin with. The Mariners failed to muster up much offence. One run won't cut it. Eleven will though. Maybe spreading those runs out a little may have been a good idea. Adrian Beltre looked good out there.

Overall, a good performance from the Mariners. They got overmatched by Greinke, but they overmatched John Bale.

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