Thursday, April 17, 2008

Series Preview: M's @ Angels 04/18-20/08

The Mariners roll in to Anaheim for a series with their rivals, the Angels.

April 18
SEA: RA Dickey, RHP, 0-0, 0.00 ERA
LAA: Joe Saunders, LHP, 2-1, 1.27 ERA

Things to Watch

For the Mariners
The key to this game will be RA Dickey, starting in place of the injured Erik Bedard. If his knuckleball can dance like we've been told that it does, then we may be alright. Unknown yet if Jamie Burke or Kenji Johjima will be catching. Burke appears to be somewhat favoured based on we saw during Spring Training, but it was also said that Joh was catching it allright to. It won't be the bullpen, defence, offence or anything else. If Dickey can't do it, then you can probably kiss this game good-bye.

For the Angels
Get to Dickey early. Bottemline. If Dickey is the key to the Mariners winning, then he will probably be the key to the Mariners losing. Potentially of course.

April 19
SEA: Jarrod Washburn, LHP, 1-2, 3.50 ERA
LAA: Ervin Santana, RHP, 2-0, 3.32 ERA

For the Mariners
Washburn will have to be more efficient. He only lasted six innings, throwing 104 pitches Monday against Kansas City. The Mariners can't overwork the bullpen in April, again. Washburn needs atleast seven innings to truly be effective. Washburn has done allright against his former team, going 4-2 with a 4.26 ERA in seven appearences. Washburn will also need some offensive support. He pitched allright Monday, other than only going six, but needs more than a couple runs to reach some sort of a comfort level.

For the Angels
Ervin Santana will have to be good in order for the Angels to get a win. If he isn't, then they probably won't. It's known that if an Angels starter can make it in to the seventh or eighth inning with a lead, then the game is pretty much wrapped up.

April 20
SEA: Miguel Batista, RHP, 1-2, 6.35 ERA
LAA: Dustin Mosely, RHP, 1-1, 7.80 ERA

For the Mariners
Dustin Mosely isn't off to a hot start, and needs to be jumped on early in order for the Mariners to hace success. His 7.80 ERA proves that he'll give up runs, so all that the Mariners have to do is hit him hard, and he'll crack. Miguel Batista said that he had "a dead arm" after his last start, but says that he's fine. Him getting through the game could be crucial.

For the Angels
Almost the opposite as for the Mariners. Mosely has to have a good start, and finish, getting the ball to Scott Sheilds and Francisco Rodriguez. They also will have to get to Miguel Batista early by working the count and making Batista throw a lot of pitches. Both will be crucial to an Angels victory.

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