Monday, April 7, 2008

Series Review: M's @ Orioles; 4/4-7/08

Absolutely puke worthy. I almost puked in my Mariners hat and sent it to Bill Bavasi, actually, he hasn't done anything wrong. Mac can take care of it. When I previewed this, I wasn't anticipating such, awfulness.

April 4
April 5
April 6
April 7

Watch Out for the Fearsome Lineup
My sarcasm turned out to hurt someone after all, well 25 I guess. Probably 30 once you add in the coaching staff and whatever else. I can't say that the starters didn't do their jobs. The bullpen was crap.

Put Runs Up Early
Again, the poor bullpen and end result overrules the fact that the Mariners did alright in this category.

Plate Discipline
See above. Richie Sexson struck out a couple less times and walked as well. Moving in the right direction in less ways then more.

Take a Breather
I didn't mean completely give up. I meant relax a little now that Opening Day is done with and the fact that you were playing in Baltimore. Man, maybe a wasn't clear enough in my title.

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