Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/24 Game Thread

Time for another Game Thread. I'm actually starting to like this idea.

8:31 - Top of the fifth, Mariners up 5-1. Washburn pitching against Melvin Mora

8:34 - Mora is at third now after the Nick Markakis single. Washburn's starting to get in to some trouble. Thrown 92 pitches in 5 plus innings

8:38 - Millar grounds in to a double play, Mora scores. 5-2. Aubrey Huff grounds out to end the inning. Washburn's night in probably done

8:41 - Ichiro and Jose Lopez both ground out. Two down

8:43 - Ibanez doubles to center

8:44 - Matt Albers replaces Randor Beird for the Orioles

8:48 - Adrian Beltre walks

8:50 - Vidro grounds out to end the inning. Roy Corcaron comes in to replace Washburn. Him and his nice 0.93 ERA

8:53 - Jay Payton singles, Ramon Hernendez grounded out

8:54 - Payton steals third with Adam Jones, who? Adam Jones, who? batting

8:56 - Jones singles, scoring Payton. One out still, but it's 5-3 now. I also have to mention that Corcaron's ERA just jumoed to 1.80 after that run

8:57 - Nice double play turned, top half of the sixth over

9:00 - Sexson strikesout swinging. What else is new?

9:02 - Joh pops out, Willie grounds out. Inning over

9:06 - Aurthor Rhodes come in to replace Roy Corcaron and gives up a single after an eight pitch battle

9:10 - Rhodes gives up another single to Melvin Mora, and then Nick Markakis gets walked. Rhodes is looking pretty shaky

9:12 - Mark Lowe comes in to replace Rhodes. Probably from crap to crap

9:14 - Mac just got tossed. Would've loved to have seen it!!!

9:16 - Millar hits a sac fly to score Brian Roberts. 5-4

9:18 - Huff hits a single and Mora scores to tie the game. THE MARINERS BULLPEN IS BLOWING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:21 - Payton flies out, Markakis tagged up to move to third. Two down

9:24 - Lowe walks Hernendez

9:27 - Jones doubles and scores two runs. 7-5 Baltimore. Sean Green is taking over for the ineffective Mark Lowe. Another one blown by the bullpen

9:30 - Luke Scott pinch hits for Brandon Fahay

9:32 - Scott grounds out. Finally one of the worst innings of the season is over, well, half of it anyways......

9:34 - Yuni lines out

9:36 - Jamie Walker replaces Matt Albers for the O's

9:40 - ICHIRO HOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7-6

9:45 - Lopez singled, but Raul grounded in to a DP. Chad Bradford replaced Walker

9:46 - Beltre strikesout. Inning over

9:49 - Roberts hits a homerun. 8-6. I can't do this much longer.....

9:52 - Mora grounded out, Markakis flies out, two down in the top of the eighth

9:57 - Vidro flies out, one down in bottem of the eighth

9:59 - Sexson lines out. Two down, and I'm done for the night. Goodnight everyone, and hopefully the Mariners can pull something off...

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