Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Series Preview: M's @ Rays; 4/8-10/08

Time for a bounce back after a terrible series. Interesting stat: The Orioles are 6-1 and the Marienrs are 2-5 (before today).

Projected Starters:
4/08 - Erik Bedard vs. Matt Garza
4/09 - Jarrod Washburn vs. Andy Sonnanstine
4/10 - Miguel Batista vs. Edwin Jackson

Keys to the Series

Get Over It
The M's have to keep a short memory, and start over again. Maybe we could give them all concussions to forget their most recent memories.

DON'T Take a Breather
The Mariners can't go in to Tampa and think 'let's take it easy because this team sucks'. The Rays have a talented team, that is very energetic. The M's need to go out and put out, not a 'good' effort, but a 'worked-your-butt-off' effort.

Other then that, there's not much else. Better pitching management would be ideal, but let's not live in a fantasy world.

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