Friday, April 11, 2008

Series Preview: 4/11-13/08

The LA Angels of Anaheim come in to town in an epic showdown. Maybe if it were September or October.

Probable Starters:
4/11 - Felix Hernandez vs. Jered Weaver
4/12 - Carlos Silva vs. Jon Garland
4/13 - Erik Bedard vs. Joe Saunders

Keys to the Series

Good Starts from the Starters
The M's have had some solid success from their rotation and that needs to keep up. Their bullpen has been a question mark ever since JJ went down. The less they need to use it, especially this early, the better.

Go After Injury Replacements
The Halos are without their top two pitchers, so the Mariners have to take advantage. Saunders will be the only real injury replacement, but I think that you get the point. Garland hasn't faired too well so far with the Angels. Jered Weaver has the tools, but hasn't quite proven it yet. If the Mariners can jump on these guys and get in to the bullpen early, then they will have to deal with Scott Shields and Francisco Rodrigeuz in the eighth and ninth.

Time to Drink a Diet Pepsi
Atleast Brad Wilkerson needs to. His .125 BA in 24 AB's isn't very good. He only has two RBI's and has struck out seven times in eight games. He's also walked seven times though. The Mariners don't expect a .345 BA and 40 HR from Wilkerson, but he needs to wake up and prove he's worth it, or he'll be on the road out.

These Games do Count
Hey, it may be April, but losing a couple games here to the Angels could come back to haunt them come September and the playoff pinch comes in to play.

The Mariners need to go out and put forth a good effort. A little luck probably helps too.

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