Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23; Game Thread

Time for another Game Thread. Yesterday's can be viewed here. It's the top of the seventh, Sean Green is pitching for the Mariners and the score is 2-2.

8:49 - Sean Green strikes out Adam Jones. One down.

8:51 - Green strikes out Ramon Hernendez, two down

8:52 - Green walks Luis Hernendez. Brian Roberts steps in

8:58 - In an 11 pitch epic battle, Roberts grounds out to end the inning.

9:02 - We find out that Carlos Silva leaves the game with an injured leg. I found it funny that he only threw 85 pitches. Richie Sexson struck out again, something different.

9:03 - Joh follows Sexson's suit and strikesout, two down

9:04 - Willie Bloomquist flied out to Nick Markakis to end the inning

9:09 - After an eight pitch battle with Melvin Mora, Green draws the ground out to K-Man (sexson)

9:11 - RRS replaces Sean Green

9:12 - Didn't take long. First pitch seen by Markakis is taken over the right field wall. 3-2 for the O's

9:13 - Kevin Millar grounds out, two down for RRS

9:16 - Luke Scott will strikeout swinging to end the top half of the eighth inning

9:20 - Yuni flies out, Ichiro pops out, two down

9:22 - Jose Lopez flied out to end the inning

9:24 - Huff grounds out, and the coach is visiting RRS

9:27 - Brandon Morrow replaces RRS

9:29 - Morrow strikes out Jones, two out

9:30 - Hernendez grounds out, three down. Mariners losing 3-2 going in to the bottem of the ninth

9:33 - Our old buddy George Sherrill comes in for the save.

9:35 - Raul hits a single. One on for Beltre

9:38 - Beltre lines out, one down

9:40 - Jose Vidro or Pepe struck out, two down

9:42 - That's all folks. Sexson pops out to end the game. Mariners lose 3-2 to the Orioles.

Daniel Cabrera W, 2-0, RRS L, 0-1, George Sherrill S, 7

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