Thursday, April 3, 2008

Series Review: Rangers @ M's; 3/31-4/2

I didn't mention this when I previewed the series, but I will also be reviewing each series after it's over.

March 31
April 1
April 2

Putting Up Runs Early
Seattle didn't do this as well as they may have wanted to, but they did get the job done. Putting up three runs in the fifth inning could fit in to the success portion of this category. I guess we can give the Mariners credit for their work here, but as it showed, they still got the hob done.

Holding Off the Top of the Order
The Mariners had a lot of success here, except for the middle game of the series where Josh Hamilton won it. Micheal Young had a good game on March 31, but other then that, the M's pitching staff shut them down.

Preserving the Bullpen
The Mariners needed eight innings from their bullpen, but that was in large part thanks to Erik Bedard only getting through five. Felix got through six, and Silva pitched seven. 5,6,7 IP in games 1,2,3 so maybe the crescendo is showing that the Mariners are shaking off any rust. I'd say that those stats would meery be coincidental, but I have been wrong before. With Putz out, the Mariners will need more from their starters. So far, I'd say that the Mariners have succeeded in this portion, but we can go back to this post in June/July.

Getting off to a Good Start A 2-1 start to the season can't be considered bad. I wouldn't call it great, but it is alright. Three games in isn't a good measuring stick for anything. Winning on Opening Day, and their opening series should point them in the right direction, but they do play two, well, less skilled teams to start the season. What a great oppurtunity to gain some ground right off the bat? Literally.

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