Monday, April 14, 2008

April 13; Angels 10 Mariners 5; Morse Injured

After a dismal performance, and maybe a 'we already won the first two' attitude, the M's lost a tough one to the Angels.


The Good
Greg Nortan is hitting 1.000. That's good, isn't it? 2-2 with an RBI after replacing Mike Morse in right field in the sixth or seventh. Raul Ibanez stayed hot going 2-5 and knocking in three. Ibanez is an interesting player. He doesn't run, or field particularly well, but the guy can hit. He's off to an amazing start with a .327 AVG. Jose Lopez went 2-4 and scored a couple runs. He's also off to a decent start hitting .333. Jose Vidro went 2-4 and saw average get up to .191. That's pretty amazing. I hope he doesn't keep up like this or the Mariners will never be able to resign him. Wait, why would they want to? Richie Sexson didn't strikeout. That's definitely a good thing. He found himself 1-4 with a run and a walk. Pretty good day by Sexson standards. Brad Wilkerson didn't play, also very good.

Roy Corcaron has been nothing but helpful for the M's. He provided two scoreless innings of relief, allowing only one hit. He still is yet to surrender a run this season. In 6.2 IP that's not bad at all. Considering what other Mariners relievers have done... Eric O'Flaherty picked off Adam Kennedy.

The Bad
Ichiro had another poor showing going 0-3. He did, however walk twice and score a run. He also stole his first base of the season in the second. The fact that it's his first is why it's under 'the bad' column. Miguel Cairo proved his ability to hit once again, going 0-3. He walked once and drove in a run. Jamie Burke's 0-4 performance wasn't that great, but once I add the fact that he left 5 on base, doesn't that make you want to puke?

The Ugly
First, let's start with the Morse-Cairo-Burke chunk in the bottem of the lineup. That was gross. If you're going to give three guys a day off on the same game, then fine, but atleast spread them out through the lineup. The three went 1-9, although Nortan took over for Morse and went 2-2, and was a huge hole in the lineup.

Cha Seung Baek's emergency start for Erik Bedard was awful. He pitched only 4.1 and gave up four runs on seven hits and walked two. He did strike out two, but that's hardly a worthwile stat considering he blew the bullpen for 4.2 innings. Eric O'Flaherty can go and dig himself a hole to sleep in. He was awfuller than Baek, if that's even a word. He got lit up for six runs in 2.2 innings of crap. Eight hits, a homerun. Thank goodness he's off the big club.

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