Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Series Preview: M's @ A's 4/16-17/08

Time for a look at the next two game set for the Mariners against the Athletics.

What to Watch

April 16

SEA: Felix Hernandez, RHP, 1-0, 1.66 ERA
OAK: Joe Blanton, RHP, 1-2, 4.15 ERA

For the Mariners
King Felix has to be King Felix. The A's could be a bit of a surprise this year, and Joe Blanton is a decent pitcher. Felix has had a solid start to the season, similar to the his start of 2007, and that needs to continue. The bullpen has had a lot of work the past few days and could use a day off.

Once again, the bats need to keep rolling. One run, and then eleven. A little bit too inconsistant. If they can put up 4-6 runs, and Felix pitches pretty good, then the M's could pick up a win.

For the Athletics
The A's have to go out and give a solid effort if they hope to win. They have an explosive young team, that's up against an explosive young pitcher.

April 17

SEA: Carlos Silva, RHP, 2-0, 3.27 ERA
OAK: Lenny DiNardo, LHP, 1-0, 6.75 ERA

For the Mariners
Silva needs to do the same as Felix does; save the bullpen. He put up eight innings of work last time around and picked up a win. If Silva can pitch well, then the Mariners have a chance.

Exactly the same for the hitters. Runs+Good Pitching=Wins.

For The Athletics
The A's have to go out with what they have, which isn't much, and try and get something done. Silva pitches to contact, and gave up 11 hits in his last appearance, in which he allowed three runs. The A's will need to hit the ball hard, and hope to get some men on base and score some runs.

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