Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Closing Situation

All of us should know by now that JJ Putz will be out for a while, and the Mariners will be going with a closer by comitee. The fact that the Mariners used Miguel Batista to close out a game gives the Mariners more options in the ninth, but then what? Break out your scalpals because it's time to dissect!


The Mariners can't pull out the old 'we don't have enough depth' theory, because they do have the depth nesseccary to get them through their tough time. Mark Lowe, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Sean Green, Tim Corocan, Brandon Morrow too I guess, and now Miguel Batista either have the ability, or probably could close out a game. Depth is not the issue here, it's more of a can they do it thing.

Miguel Batista
Batista brings the most closing experience to the bullpen, but hasn't closed since 2005 when he was with the Blue Jays. He saved 35 games that year, but who would take the rotation spot? That shouldn't be a problem. Maybe even going with a four man rotation might work. Batista has already saved one game this year, but still made his last scheduled start. Or, rather he lost his last start. Batista may get another oppurtunity, who knows right now.

Mark Lowe
After today's debacle, no, probably not. I know that one bad game can't really determine what the person is capable of, but one bad game can definitely scare off people, and that's what he's done to me. He may or may not get another oppurtunity.

Ryan Rowland-Smith
RRS has 16 saves in his professional career (from A-AAA), and seems to be a good choice, because he already was in a set-up role with the club. It's only been a few days, and fewer oppurtunities. Look for RRS to get an oppurtunity, if one actually comes up, after three losses to the Orioles.

Brandon Morrow
Although Morrow seems a little ways away, he is making some progress, but still seems like Putz may be back before him. If Morrow does jump through the minors, he could get a few oppurtunities to close.

I know that there are more options, but these are some of the more obvious options. Another idea is just letting the starters go nine, or not bothering going to anyone for the closer, and just leaving whoever was pitching in the eigtht finish the job. Fatigue and performance are variables of course, but I think that you get the point.

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