Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22; Game Thread

Got a little time on my hands here so time for a little bit of a game thread from the seventh inning on for today's game.

9:06 - Kenji Johjima up, tied 2-2, with two outs
Joe grounds out to end the inning

9:08 - Pitching change for the M's. Author Rhodes in for Felix Hernendez. He's facing Nick Markakis to start the top of the eighth inning.

9:12 - Millar lined in to a double play, two down for Rhodes

9:16 - Rhodes strikes out Luke Scott to end the inning

9:19 - Yuni hits a double, Ichiro is at the plate

9:21 - Ichiro pops out, one down

9:23 - Lopez flies out to, guess who, Adam Jones. Two out

9:25 - Raul intentially walked, two on, two out

9:27 - Beltre walks, bases juiced for, ugggggggh, Jose Vidro

9:29 - Vidro, or mabye Pepe, to score Raul and Yuni. M's up 4-2

9:31 - New pitcher for O's. Dennis Sarfate

9:33 - Richie Sexson, what else is new, strikes out swinging. End of 8th

9:34 - Sound the AC/DC, JJ Putz is in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:37 - Putz gives up a double to Aubrey Huff, cue the AC/DC again, maybe this time it'll help....

9:39 - THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!! Putz strikes out Adam Jones in their first meeting ever.

9:40 - Nanananaaaaaaananana THUNDER!!!!!!!!!! Ramon Hernendez strikes out swinging

9:44 - After a battle with Jay Payton, Putz draws a groundout. Game Over

Author Rhodes gets the Win, Guthrie takes the Loss for the O's, and JJ got his second Save of the season.

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