Wednesday, April 2, 2008

JJ Meet DL, DL this is JJ

Terrible news from Seattle, as the Mariners have placed closer JJ Putz on the DL for 15 days, with what is being called 'rib inflamation'.

Not the news that you want to here, but better know then in September. A precautionary MRI revealed that Putz has costochondritis, which is inflammation where cartilage attacthes to a rib.

Putz said that he felt discomfert when pitching to Rangers shortstop Micheal Young in the ninth inning of yesterday's loss to Texas.

Now time for the replacement. Mark Lowe may be a choice, Bleeding Blue and Teal thinks so. Ray Corocan was called up, but hasn't had much, if any MLB closing experience. He might get a shot, but nothing has been said now. I can't think of too many other options, maybe RRS or Eric O'Flaherty could give it a try. The Mariners may be missing George Sherrill a little bit right now.
UPDATE: There's some speculation going around the blogosphere that Putz's injury is going to have him out of action for up to a month or more. Lookout Landing and MLB Rumors speculated that, or more MLB Rumors than LL, but it is a rare problem, and I'd rather have Putz out for a little while then neccisary if it means that Putz is at 110% when he's back.
Geoff Baker, or rather Larry Stone comes in to tell us that the injury is a ''best case scenario" for the injury, but no timetable has been set yet.
Stone also mentions that the Mariners will be going with a closer by comitee, instead of only one of Mark Lowe, RRS, or whoever. Mac also has thought about using Miguel Batista in the closer role. He was a closer with the Toronto Blue Jays back in, 2005 I think, so he is still a decent option.

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