Monday, April 21, 2008

Series Review: M's @ Angels 04/18-20/08

Time to look back and reflect.

April 18
April 19
April 20

The Starting Pitching
Was alright, maybe less so. Miguel Batista pitched a solid 7.2 innings of scoreless work on Sunday. Probably his best start of the season. The rest of the pitching was crap. Maybe that's why the Mariners lost the other two games; THEIR STARTING PITCHING SUCKED!!!!

The Bullpen
The bullpen was too inconsistant these last few games. Yesterday's effort wasn't even worth coming out for. RRS and Aurthor Rhodes each struck out the batter that they each faced. RRS got the save. On Saturday the bullpen was decent. Roy Corcaron has been amazing so far this year. Friday's two innings of relief were fine, if RA Dickey didn't Dickey everything up.

The Offence
Sexson and Beltre showed some rare power. The bats didn't come out, but were allright. They'll need more if they hope to beat the powerfull Angels' bats.

The Defence
Mediocre. Good enough to get through without much difficulty. Nothing overthetop, but nothing underthetop either.

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