Thursday, April 17, 2008

.....Brad Wilkerson

The Brad Wilkerson signing is looking like the Mariners 2008 Carl Everett. He's hit .135/.162./289 in 37 AB's. He has only managed five hits, and only one of which was for extra bases (double). He's managed only a run and four RBI. Terrible. I know he only gets like $3M, and isn't known for much ability, but come on. The eight walks and stolen base are the only somewhat encouraging numbers. He's already struck out NINE TIMES in only TWELVE GAMES. Some interesting stats here: Wilkerson has not gotten a hit during a night game, or against a left handed pitcher. Why can't the Mariners firgure it out yet and put someone else in rightfield. Why not give Wladimir Balentien a chance?

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