Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Last Post for Now

I decided to give you all pne last post with a few links to some reading material on this blog. As I've mentioned, I'll be away until March 30, so probably nothing new untill then. Here's a few links to keep you busy.

2008 Mariners Projection
Getting to Know a Rival
Mariners Offseason Assessment
Fantasy Plus

Poll Results: Where will the Mariners finish in the AL West?
First 3 votes
Second 1 vote
Rest, none

I will add another poll in a few minutes.

I hate to leave at a time when traffic at this blog is on the rise, but them's the breaks. I wish you all a good next weeks and a bit, and hope you don't forget about this blog. We'll be back and running at full throttle when I'm back.

Peace, Tyler

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