Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One Way to Get Richie Mad

One way to get Richie Sexson mad, ask him about his 2007 stats. If my stats were a .205 BA with 21 homers and 63 RBIs, and I was making $14M, I wouldn't be very happy either.

“C’mon. I answered it too many times. I’m done with it. I’m really done,” he said of last year, chuckling. “I’m sorry.

“You know what happened. I’m almost sick of talking about it. Now, it’s getting a little repetitive and old. … Thank you.”

Sexson will be a big part of this season's success or failure. The big guy will be in the heart of this Mariners order once again, and needs to produce. Even acquisition partner Adrian Beltre has started to come around. Richie is a free agent after this season, so will him being in a contract year elevate his play, or keep him down at the Mendoza Line. I'll be honest here for a sec, if Sexson's average was .091 I wouldn't care too much, as long as I saw 35 HR's beside it. I think that we all could agree on that.

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